アメリカ便り「チョコレート工場見学!」〜Report from America "the Tour of Chocolate Factory"〜

Last Wednesday and Saturday, I went to Fremont to join the tour of Theo chocolate factory :)


At the first time, I went to there alone on a whim so I had had no plan in the day.
Actually I had wanted to join the tour for a long time, but I could not make a opportunity to go to there because I was not good at English ( now also, but I have been improving it,) that's why I had been little afraid of calling about it or booking it on the website.
Nevertheless, when I talked about the tour with my new friend, I had become to want absolutely to go there.


The time had come!


In the morning of the Wednesday, as soon as I realized that I had been free in the whole day, I immediately checked the website, and booked the tour which would been started at 12pm on the day.
Then, I got a bus to get at my destination directory.


When I arrived at there, I was told by a tour guide that I was alone in the tour which had been started at 12pm, and asked me if I still wanted to join to it. The guide told me I could change my reservation to the next time, so I changed my order.


While waiting the beginning, I went to Fremont Mischief which was my favorite brewery in here.


The shop was just going to be opened. A little before the opening time, an woman of the office came to me. She told me that a shop's staff had been sick and had a break, so she opened the shop for me little earlier. Then she gave me tasting samples, recommended me her likes, and told me about the story of alliance farmers of the brewery.


She told me about the farmers' life, and said the sales of their liquor help them and their family.
Even if I didn't hear the story, I become to want to buy something good to me because she was still really kind to me. She specially showed me the new tasting room which would be opened in the end of June, because she had known I would not be able to see the room.


I was really lucky!!!
It would be impossible to do so normally!


She also told me about a good restaurant near to the brewery, in which we could taste many kinds of whisky.


It was very nice meeting with her!


After that I returned to the factory, and joined the tour began at 1pm.
The guide who I had met just one hour ago was funny woman, her talking was so funny and interesting, I enjoyed her explanations. Tourists were also good people to me, I could enjoy the tour from the beginning to the end.


In the tour, we had been able to know about the all processes of making chocolate products from the story of the production areas of raw ingredients such as cocoa beans.

The story was really interesting!


We could taste many kinds of the chocolates, they were pretty good :)
I was happy!!!


I became to know that surprisingly 45% of Theo's milk chocolate is using the cacao.
That's why I like their milk chocolate even though I love dark chocolate!


After the tour we got 10% off coupon could use for everything in the direct sale shop of the factory.
I bought souvenirs happily :)


And then, I walked around in Fremont city for a while. There were many kinds of interesting store or shop on the way. I enjoyed walking there.


And also I went to Dahlia bakery in Seattle, which is one of the most popular bakery in Seattle, and I wanted to go there from a long time ago.


I bought a piece of seasonal bound cake; it was using mango, macadamia nuts or coconut. Actually my favorite flavor!
I ate it happily at the outside table while looking city sight :)



At the second time, I went to the factory again with my husband!


Honesty, I thought he wasn't interested in the tour, but actually I was wrong.

A tour guide was different to the last time, She gave us a lot of talks about the details than the previous guide.



I liked her talk, but I preferred the previous guide to her because she talked too much and quickly. So we sometimes could not understand well. She was actually kind like smart, we was able to know more things about the factory even if I thought so.


So finally I recommend you to join the all tours of each guides if you want to know enough about the factory. lol


Then, we went to Fremont Mischief, and I saw the woman again!
We couldn't see the tasting room again at tat time because there were a lot of customers in the shop….


From the website

I bought special whisky for my father, which she recommended me strongly at the last time. It is really good whisky, has wonderful flavors and tastes even though it is over 90% alcohol.


I wanted to buy the bottle for me....but I gave up to do so because I wanted to buy other thing than it.


Anyway I was pretty satisfied with these days!!!

Thanks a lot ;)

ありがとうございました☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆