アメリカ便り〜Report from America "Downtown Seattle Under Ground Tour!"〜

Last Wednesday, 3/23, I went to Seattle downtown with my new friend whom I met the TalkTime in Bothell library.


I wanted to go The Underground Tour of downtown Seattle which I had knew at my friend's post. We wonder if the day was rainy day it was too bad to go there, but it was still nice weather fortunately!


I can not explain about it well because I was not able to understand a tour's guide say, and it is troublesome to read the story on website.

Please crick and look the bottom URL.


To say in summery according to the story, Pioneer square, the city's birthplace had been burned by terrible fire which was happened by a younger carpenter's miss.
The fire burned about 25 blocks; it was so wide. It had been known all of the world, and many people or company made much donations to the city.


People called the fire as "Great Fire" because they needed to reconstruct the city; the buildings had been poor, and going to be aging. So it was a chance for the citizen to build their new city.
But unfortunately or not? The period had been going to begin the Yukon Gold rush.
The location had been forgot almost 30 years. And 30 years later it had began a new period.

Through the years, on 1965, using the former city that was buried in the basement by the conflagration, Bill Speidel founded the Underground Tour for campaign of the city, by his wife's opinion and the aspires of a lot of people.

For more information on the home page!


それから長い年月を経て、縁あってビル• スペイデルという人物が、多くの人々や彼の妻の助言で1965年に、大火により地下に埋もれた旧市街地を利用し、アンダーグラウンドツアーを町興しのキャンペーンの一環として設立しました。


We arrived at there a little before 11:00am, and we joined a tour started at 11:00am.
There were many people in our tour, and a tour's guide who was a really funny man had been speaking the story with a lot of American jokes.
I was able to understand only a bit, but my friend sometimes helped me to understand more, so it was really fun and interesting to me.
The tour showed us a lot of interesting things, especially the natural glass for taking light from outside were beautiful good.


After the tour, we were already really hungry. So we went to a cheese factory's shop "BEECHER'S" by the friend's suggestion. We ate beautiful meals, and everything were good, especially I liked a bread using cheese and herbs; but I forgot the name...



We did window-shopping in Pike place market, and suddenly met a man who ate appetizing look yogurt. My friend asked him where was the shop we were able to get same one. As soon as we had known that, we went to the shop "ELLENOS" directly. I chosen marionberry yogurt. It was rich taste, beautiful, really a real Greek yogurt.


Then, we took a rest in the park at side of Pike Place Market. We watched Mt.Rainier from the park. It was beautiful sky there were all blue sky and no crowd!

それから、マーケットのそばの公園でひと休憩。雲ひとつない綺麗な青空!そこからはマウント• レーニアを眺めることができました(*^o^*)

We went to Gas Works Park which is the one of the famous spots in Seattle. Now the gas frontier which has been used a long time ago is as objects, and wide ground spreads to the ocean.
It was wonderful view, we was able to look Seattle city to the other side of the ocean, and some ships or yachts.
We enjoyed the view, and then we departed the location to return to each home.



Thank you for sharing good day with me, my friend!