アメリカ便り〜Report from America "I Began The Caterer"

Recently, I began a catering business; it is mostly for charity, and of course there are many rewards, too!

The other day, one of my husband’s co-workers told me that he wanted to have a lunch made by me. I readily agreed, but then I worried that I didn’t know his likes and dislikes. It was little problem for me.

there were for him and my husband.

The day when I gave him a lunch for the first time, I little afraid of his impression with my work until my husband came back home. When my husband returned, he brought back some money from the man for me. I was very surprised that the payment was much more than I had ever imagined until then. Anyway, I still did not know his real impression.

“Is this the last in a beginning?”
“Did I satisfied him with my work?”

I worried about this and felt nervous.

But a few days later, I received an order from him again! I heard from my husband that he worried about my circumstances and his own financial position. I was so relieved to hear that.
they included mine. I made chicken subgum rice using leftover tomyankun pot.

By the way, I had also prepared a Tom Yum Kung pot and takoyaki to my husband’s other co-workers last weekend.
They were pleased eating them, and I felt happy again.

On last Sunday when I prepared takoyaki, my husband's co-worker made delicious dishes to us.
I am like everyone’s mom. I don’t feel bad, but I should make efforts to improve my cooking skill....