アメリカ便り「バイリンガールに会いに!」〜Report from America☆To meet "Bilingirl"!!!

Yesterday evening, I joined to the lecture and conversations meeting with Chika Yoshida, who is a famous Japanese Youtuber of the whole world now, especially Japan and America.

It was presented by Seattle IT Japanese Professionals, which is the nonprofit organization corporation of Seattle, founded by IT-related Japanese people of around Seattle( EX; Microsoft, Google, Amazon.)

I thought I would join to the corporation if I had known more before.

I got a ticket by a chance. Actually it was held for Japanese students in here, but they welcomed everyone who wanted to find new opportunities.

I was so lucky to join to the event!

Chika was really cute and stylish woman just like herself on her YouTube movies.
I thought she was more beautiful than usually looking I have seen on her movies.

Her talks were always Positive and very stimulating, I enjoyed their conversations from the beginning to the end.
Honestly I wanted to ask the question about my own business to her, and continued to raise my hand, but so missed a chance to do so :(

Anyway, among the students and some guest reporters and industry people, I could get something good to me.

By the way, I also saw her husband, Mr. Monkey, he was look very kindly ,and really a good looking guy, as herself!!!

They prepared beautiful meals for guests, I heard they were made by Ms. Mitsui, who had been appeared on Chika's movie.

Thanks a lot!!!