アメリカ便り「5月10日」~Report from America "5/10"〜

On May 10th, it was Kodiak's birthday, who(it?) is a mascot of Cascadia College. We had a celebration party at the outside, and there were a lots of free food we could eat as we like.

It was really a nice day, there was all blue sky, I had a lunch time outside, in the sun.
Just a usual lunch became to be kind of special yummy with sunshine.

After eating lunch, I went the building the conversation club was held, and in the outside I met a man who is balloon artist at there, and I asked him To make a pig with clovers. But unfortunately my pronounce was too bad?? Maybe that's why he made a "pink" flower with beautiful leaves Lol
Anyway, it was also good!

I met Kodiak, and a girl asked me she would take a picture of us.
Wow! So happy! But I almost forget I didn't makeup at all :(

And also I met a nice girl, who is really cute and polite girl. To say the fact, I looked for Japanese girls' students
For some reasons. It was actually nice meeting with her, I was really glad to meet her.

By the way, in the conversation club, the member was only me as always..... I talked with a host girl. I want more members of the club!!!

After the club, I returned to the party, and got both of a snow corn and a cotton candy :)
A girl asked me about flavor, and I replied I would like everything. Her face returned to be dubious, that's why finally the taste was terrible bad Lol

The cotton candy was really good :) I loved it!!!

While getting a bus, suddenly my balloon bursted just like a gun or bomb.
Everyone in the bus were terrible surprised, but I couldn't say anything immediately and just show my broken balloon :(

I became afraid of speaking English again by yesterday's happenings, I was actually disappointed.

After returning home, I made a pound cake using Indian tea and my homemade orange jam ( it was using leftover orange I used for the cupcakes on Sunday.)

Baking is my relaxation, you know.

And also I made trout cooked rice by my husband's request. He took many trout last weekend, there were almost 15 trouts because he got them by not only his own results but also from the buddies'.
I should cook them as good dishes...:)

In the evening, I joined to the toastmasters club at the center near by my apartment.
It was really good time as always, and while listening the speeches, I could know the ways of making good speeches or conversations again, and also I became calm down with my English. Really awesome place were there!

Thanks a lot everyone and the nice day!!!