アメリカ便り「ご近所散歩」〜Report from America "Walk around Neighborhood"

On this Saturday, I had been sleeping until 9am, but my husband already went to Martha Lake for fishing, so I made sandwiches and also went to the lake he was at.

この土曜日には、朝の9時頃まで 寝ちゃっていました。でも、旦那様はその時すでにマーサレイクへ釣りに出かけていて…なので私はサンドイッチを作って追いかけて行くことに。

The weather was pretty good, so I tried to walk to there. While walking, I sometimes used trail road so there were now all pretty fresh green trees in the trail.


After walking for 30 minutes, I finally got a bus because I was little bad, the way became uphill to the lake, and also temperature became too warm.


There were a lots of fishermen on the dog as always, my husband was little tired so he could not catch enough trout he wanted.


After eating branch together,
I walked around the park while waiting him. I found duck family. Actually I wanted to see a bald eagle, lord of the lake, but I couldn't see it this time ( I met it last time, but I didn't have my camera).


Finally he got two trouts, and gave up fishing, then we went to have lunch at his favorite Pho restaurant. We both ate beef stew noodle, I chose rice noodle, and he egg noodle.
It was actually his best recommendation, so good!


After returning to home, I took a long rest so I was really tired. And then I made simple snacks for drinking, and served leftovers, so I was lazy to cook regular dinner.
However it was good!


By the way, the seeds ( spinach, green onion, herbs, some kinds of flowers) I sow other day have germinated. They are so cute!


Recently I'm little melancholic because I cannot sleep well every night, and I need to return to Japan the day not so long. I really love here, so I should enjoy remaining days for me!