アメリカ便り「チューリップフェスティバル!」~Report from America "Tulip Festival!!"

4/9/2016☆Go to Skagit Valley Tulip Festival!!!


Yesterday, my husband took me to Skagit Valley to see the tulip festival.
The location is almost 1 hour away to north from Seattle by a car.
During the period of the festival, they hold a lot of events at everywhere ( gardens, restaurants, breweries, wineries, markets,...etc...), but we just went to "Roozen Garde" which is the most famous spot of the festival.


It was pretty good day, so many people came there include us.
To enjoy watching beautiful tulips, we paid each $5 for entrance fee at first.
(the parking was free!)


The garden was huge which I had never seen, and surprisingly many kinds of tulips were there.
Most tulips were just full bloom, and some tulips were already ending bloom.


We were really surprised the number of them, and had been enjoying seeing and shooting tulips.
When we got hungry, we ate some food which were sell in the garden, on green lawn and under the sun, while admiring the tulips.
(They were little expensive....but anyway I spent good time!)


Finally I bought a bunch of beautiful tulips for myself, and my husband bought a pot of tulips for his mother (to leave the bulbs).


After visiting Roozen Garde, we went to a neighbor steak restaurant where we went once. I ordered same plate as last time, and I and he both chose chili soup for side dish of the plate.
In the fact, I mistook to order of baked potato's topping, but it was no problem. I also enjoyed eating American food with my husband.


As soon as returning to home, I put the bunch of tulips into a vase which I bought at "Doller Tree" last night.
It was difficult to me to arrange flowers in a vase, so I became desperate to arrange the tulips.

帰宅後すぐ、チューリップの束を、昨夜「ダラーツリー」($1 ストア)で買った花瓶に入れ替えたのですが、花を生けるのは難しくて四苦八苦していました(>_<)

Anyway, yesterday was a wonderful day!
Thank you :)