アメリカ便り〜Report from America "Swing Dance!"〜

Today was also a pretty nice day!

In the morning, I went to Mount Terrace Library to join to the TalkTime.
I also had a teatime with the teacher and members after it.


Next, I went to Bellevue art museum because there is an exhibition of Louis Kahn who was the 20th century famous architect.
His works were really great even if I'm out of touch to buildings.

それから、今、20世紀を代表する著名建築家ルイス• カーンの展示会が行われているベルビューアート美術館へ。建築にはとんと疎い私にも、彼の作品はとても素晴らしいものに思えました。

Now the museum also has two exhibitions, China of Chris Antemann at MEISSEN, and ATOMS + BYTES which shows high technology arts.
All of them were really interesting.


And then, I had met up with my friend.
We had an enough time until going our destination, we decided to go the botanical garden Bellevue. While we went to there, I found a clump of horsetail!!!!


I was really surprised to find it because there were a lot of horsetail and they were so big; they were three or four times bigger than it in Japan. Anyway I took some horsetail happily.
After that, we walked in the waking in the hill, and refreshed.


In the evening, we went to Redmond to join to a swing dance club "Learn To Swing Dance".
It was my second time to dance swing dance, and I was still a really beginner. At first, I was afraid to dance with skilled dancers, but some guys asked me to dance with them, and the dance gradually became to be fun.

Finally I became really interested in the dance.

Thank you for inviting me to such an amazing place, my dear friend!!!
And Thank you everyone whom I had met today;)