アメリカ便り〜Report from America "Pork Pork Pork"

Other day, my husband did the spadework of bacon, and left pork skin because it had become tense in the last time. Then I prepared kaku-ni using the skin. I boiled it two days, and after that I added boiled pork meet blocks, and also stewed them more few hours. It became so tender and tasty.

I also used kaku-ni to catering lunch this Monday, and last night it was changed to niku-tofu.

I unintentionally took a photo of a table because there was unusually aligned one soup and three dishes.

Handmade bacon was completed yesterday, so last night we also ate the bacon, and this morning, I used it to our lunch.

Recently, I have been feeling bad to cook, but now it has become recovered because probably I almost finish the this quarter.

Enjoy cooking!