アメリカ便り〜Report from America "The Benefit of The Power Outage"

This morning, I ran to the bus stop to get an early bus because I will make a presentation in the class today❗️

But....in the bus, a classmate called me, and he said "what time would the class open?" I checked the app of the college's education system, I saw the information from teacher; the class is closed because there was happened power outage from yesterday and it will get power again later today.

Oh, my gosh😱❗️
We lost our class by the power outage....

I arrived at the college, and met up with a classmate.
Then we tried to go Bothell library to join to TalkTime, so at first, we went there to check the state of the library.

It was too early until the library was opened, we waited at the bakery near the library; the bakery is my favorite shop.

At there I saw a lot of bakes, it was the first time to see such many things because I always come the shop afternoon.

Look! Such a cute cookie❤️

I worried for a while whether I will be to not eat or try to eat😣💔

We enjoyed teatime, and went to the library again. The library was opened, even if there is still no electric.
When the library opened on time as always, another classmate joined us and participated the TalkTime together.

Today, we talked about St. Patrick's Day, and made a craft of the little shamrock.
It was so fun🍀

We also ate delicious bakes💕
And I met a new friend; she is volunteer of TalkTime and likes baking as well.

What a good day is today😆❗️✨