アメリカ便り〜Report from America "The End of Quarter"


Today, I participated the end of winter quarter celebration party of the college’s Disability Support Services’ room with my classmates. It was the first time to go there, but there were so good place, I regret I had never known the place.


At there, the staffs prepared a lot of good meals for us; guacamole, chirikonkan, tortilla chips, meatballs, fried rice, three kinds of salads, crackers, cheese, salami, cookies and cakes! Everything were really good, we enjoyed eating and talking together.


A woman of the organizer who from Russia talked to us, she was a chatter and spoke quickly and with a habit of Russian, but I could understand all of her speaking because she spoke so clearly. I noticed it is important to speak clearly.
Sometimes I can’t understand someone’s English, but it is same to Japanese. The reason is simple, most people include me don't speak clearly audibly anyone. My tongue has poor to flowing eloquence and sometimes it is pointed out by somebody.
So, if I can’t understand someone saying, it is not big problem of English; It doesn’t mean I can’t listen English, and means I should just practice with natives. When I noticed it I was little relieved.
Why I did not notice that until now??? Even if I had experiences of similar situations.

Now, I am comfortable with good meals, and my condition has become more well. I am also preparing my slideshow and speech for the presentation on next Monday. The class is almost finished. I really miss my beloved classmates....