アメリカ便り〜Report from America "Watching Movie in English"

Last Friday, I went to a theater to watch the movie of lately topic most; “THE REVENANT” after the TalkTime.
The lead actor of the movie is Leonard DiCaprio who had been awarded the Academy Best Actor Award with the long-cherished wish with this movie.


I had known the movie from the post of my friend on the SNS. I immediately examined the screen times of the neighbor movie theaters, and I found the closest movie theater has screened the movie. I was very happy to know that, and I decided to go there soon. Last Friday, fortunately I got a car because my husband left it at home. To use a bus to the theater, it is little tiresome because between the nearest bus stop and there takes about 30 minutes to walk. I drove happily to go there.

友人がとあるSNSで投稿していた記事を見てこの映画の存在を知り、すぐに近隣の映画館の上映情報を調べてみると、一番近くの映画館で上映していることが判明! それを知った私は舞い上がり、今すぐにでも行くつもりで見に行くことを心に決め、金曜日、旦那様の都合で幸運にも車を手に入れたので、いざ決行することに!実を言うと、その映画館へ行くには、最寄のバス停から30分近く歩いていかなければならなかったので、(この雨が多い時期)ちょっぴり面倒で・・・・・。 私は嬉々として車を走らせました。

It is the first time to watch a movie here. I was little afraid of buying a ticket, but I was able to buy a ticket easily without failure. I was very relieved. Then, I went into the screening room cheerfully, and I saw the unexpected number of audience was in the back half of the room in spite of Friday early afternoon; all the member were couples expect me….

ここへ越してきて、映画を観にいくのはこれが初めて。私は先ずはチケットを買う時点でドキドキ・・・・・ですが意外にも、日本と変わらずサラッとチケットを購入できて胸を撫で下ろしました。 それから、ルンルン気分で上映されるシアタールームへ向かうと、 その後ろ半分の座席には、金曜日の昼早い時間にも関わらず、予想外に沢山の人が居てびっくり(私以外は全員カップルでした・・・)。 


When I got there, the movie had been going to start soon. I was heart pounding in expectation, then the movie had started. In order to not be bound by stereotypes and feel the story with intuition, I went to watch it without prior knowledge.
In a nutshell, it was a bitter, bloody and ghastly movie, but it was also bleakly, and it resonated with a mind. I was overwhelmed by the acting ability of Leonardo DiCaprio, I thought he is really good actor for the first time. Unfortunately, I did not hear most of the words of the actor; it was difficult to hear because they spoke indistinctly with a habit accent. But I satisfied with the movie sincerely.

シアタールームに着くと、程なく映画が始まろうとしていました。 私は胸を高鳴らせ、とうとう本編が始まり・・・・。 固定観念に囚われず、感性で物語を感じ取るために、今回私は予備知識を一切付けずに当日に臨みました。一言で言うと、この映画は辛辣で残忍で、殺伐とした・・・けれども物悲しく、心に深く響く映画でした。レオナルド・ディカプリオの名優振りに感銘を受け、私は初めて、彼を本当に素晴らしい俳優なんだと思わされました。設定上、殆どの出演者が訛りのきつい英語でぼそぼそと話すもので、聞き取るのが大変難しく、残念ながら台詞の殆どを聞き取ることが出来ませんでしたが、それでも私は心底物語を堪能させてもらいました。

After watching the movie, I went window-shopping to the mall adjacent to the theater. I visited a jewelry shop in there, and I coincidentally saw a man of clerk who could speak Japanese only a few. When I was looking for a good one to me, he talked to me. I responded to him, and when he noticed I am Japanese, we had started to talk with each other, and talked in English a long time.
He also watched “THE REVENANT”, and he asked me how I felt with the movie. I answered him. He agreed to my opinion, and he guessed my poor listening skill because he also felt it was difficult to hear in spite of he is native of English. I enjoyed talking with him. He also said to me; My English was good and beautiful! I was happy to hear that, even if it was his sales tongue.

映画を観た後、私は映画館に隣接するショッピングモールへ。 とある宝飾店へふらっと立ち寄ると、偶然にも日本語がほんの少し出来るという男性店員さんに出会いました。私が何かよいものはないかと物色していると彼が話しかけてきて、私が日本人と分かるや否や話が弾んで、彼と長い間お喋りをしました。
彼もまた「レベナント」を観たそうで、私の所感を伺ってきました。私が応えると、彼は私の感想と、台詞が聞き取れなかった悔しさに同感してくれました。どうやらネイティブの彼でさえ、(主演・準主演の二人を除いては)殆ど聞き取れなかったとのこと。 彼との立ち話は楽しかったし、お客様相手とはいえ「貴女の英語はなかなかのものですよ」と言ってくれて、とても嬉しかった!

I am going to like watching a movie in English even if I still can not understand it well; only listening English. I checked out about the movie after the day, but I dare not write more information of the movie.
Please go to a theater to watch it as soon as published in Japan, or if you're in the United States go soon, and feel with your own pure sensibility!