アメリカ便り〜Improve English!!


Recently, I started using "Lang-8" that is a kind of SNS and contribute the service of mutual correction type.
I knew it first time to watch YouTube movie of Bilingirl Chika who is a Youtuber whome I've liked most recently.
When I find it I thought that I needed to start to use it right now, but I was putting it off.
Several days ago, I decided to use it, and I contributed an entry at once.
I wrote several sentences, then these sentences were automatically completely distributed to each sentence. It was amazing!
In a few minutes, I got correction by a man and my sentences were corrected neatly. Great!! It was epod-making and very useful.

For example....
Oh my god! Ashamed!!!
Sometimes I can write a perfect sentence, but.....anyway, It was good notice to me.

By the way, I also corrected someone's entry written in Japanese. It was also fun. Making good correction was little difficult, but when I corrected carefully, I can looked back my own language, and understand the feeling or mind of a corrector.
It is good practice if we use Lang-8. I recommend it to someone who want to improve their second language.