アメリカ便り〜Report from America~Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Yesterday, it was Valentine's Day.
I temporariness opened my own patisserie to make many sweets for co-workers of my husband and my classmates.

I made two kinds of cookies and two kinds of cupcakes.
The cookies and one kind of cupcakes were basic goods of my patisserie, and the other kind of cupcake and frosting[using butter and sugar, and something to flavor] referred to an American cookie recipe book that I borrowed from the library.
The kinds of cookies and cupcakes I made were diamond with milk chocolate, orange peal cookie with dark chocolate, lemon muffin with frosting, and pecan whiskey brownie with frosting.

It was so funny. Japanese or French recipes require exact measurements. But American recipe do not! In American recipes, a measuring cup or spoon are used and not a scale. It is easy even if you are a beginner in baking.

Finally, I made nearly 100 cookies and 40 cupcakes.

It took me a whole day to make them, from around 9 in the morning to midnight because I had devoted myself to do wrapping.

What sense of accomplishment did I feel after I finished making them?

I was satisfied and I hope that everyone will become happy by my work.

By the way, my husband made roast beef for dinner and he gave one rose to me. I knew that only one rose means " I love only you" first time.
However.....I didn't make a cheesecake for my husband even though he expected one. I'm so sorry...I'm going to make a cheesecake for my beloved husband today!

[addition] I made also hot chocolate using leftover chocolate frosting.
It was yummy.