アメリカ便り〜Report from America~The Artistic Affair~

Today, after an ESL class, we went the book store of the college to eat a lunch. I bought a blueberry scone at cafe in the store and ate wit with slices of an apple that I brought from home. When I started to eat, my friend said: these are like a rabbit!

Then I also noticed that. It was funny satisfiable lunch time! :-)

And then, as soon as I got a bus, a driver said loudly "save your body!" I thought what happen? But I could not know.
The man's voice said to me "Hi, 〇〇. How are you?" My classmates were there when I look back toward right behind.
We enjoyed talking together while we got on a bus. The one of the classmates wanted to shot us, and then another classmate took pictures.

Then I took the rest at my home.
I tried to paint my portrait using iPhone app. I had a little mistake to use colors... And I painted more cute woman than real me?

Is this similar to me??