アメリカ便り〜Report from America~Learn English More!~

Thank you for today!

Today, My classmate and I participated to the lecture of Interfaith Amigos after finishing ESL class at college.
They talked according to religions. They talked that what is important in us lives; to keep peace, to make relationship with strangers.
I just started learning English on the first of this year. So I could not understand a lot, but I could understand their spirit, mind, and meaning of the talk that they want to teach to us.
It was very good interesting time for me. Thank you so much.

I would like to hear their story again!
There will be another lecture tomorrow at college. I have to participate it because hearing to English is so interesting to me ;-)

And after the lecture, we had lunch at a garden of the campus.

Today is so nice sunny day! We loved sunshine, and enjoy to eat.

She prepared Russian traditional salad that named "Olivier" for me. It was like Japanese potato salad, and tasty.
Thank you my friend❤️

From the day before yesterday, I became ill again. But today I got much energy from many people:-)

A lot of thanks!