アメリカ便り〜Report from America~The day of my weekend vol.2~

Yesterday, I tried to bake crumpet[English pancake] first time.

But I mistook something of the process, so I could not make it good condition. I must try again!

Anyway, the taste was so so, and I liked its taste. But my husband unfortunatly put takoyaki sause onto it! He said "this is like okonomiyaki!", and was eating happily.....
Oh my god!!

He went fishing from afternoon, and then I baked Sake Cheese cake for the night's dessert.

And then, I enjoyed teatime with yummy sweets alone. It was good time!

At evening, I made baked fishes using king-salmons which my husband's friend gave us as souvenir of Alaska.

He took them by himself!

And by my husband's request, I also made chinese style salad of harusame.

And I also prepare steak of chinese cabbage.

The salmon was so tasty!

Other dishes also were good.

And the dessert also was yummy taste! We thought that it might be better to use more extra sake. I will try that next time.

Ah.... I'm so happy♡ᵕ̈*