アメリカ便り〜My Lover Doughnut!!! vol.???

This week had hard days to me. Last Sunday, I got fevers. And few days later, I got terrible stomachache; It continued three days. I did my works as usual in spite of that I always feeling weary or chills.

My husband was very busy and tired because he always leaves home early and comes back home late. So he could not help me well, but he gave been supportive of my mind.
Thanks to that, I was able to continue something to do everyday; housekeeping, cooking, preparing our lunch, going to school, studying, and practicing...etc.

And now, after participating TalkTime, I came to "Family Doughnut" which is one of my doughnut shop lists. It is first time to come here.

I ordered Bacon Maple Bar and Dabble Chocolate & Nuts Cake Doughnut.

Both of them are not sweet too much. I like this tastes! And, satisfactory many bacon chips are on the Bacon Maple Bar.

I am feeling happiness, and I am relieved now because I was able to finish this weekday safely.

Doughnuts sometimes are needed from me!